Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fred Zimber and Fiji

I've just made an extraordinary discovery that my great-granduncle Fred Zimber is listed as being part of a contingent from Fiji who volunteered and enlisted with the King's Royal Rifle Corps (4th Batt) all of which tallies. I'll have to follow up on this and see if I can find out how or why he ended up there.

From FIJI IN WORLD WAR 1: The soldiers from Fiji in the Great War "A force of 57 was formed, spent some time in training, and left for Britain on January 1, 1915. Most of these enlisted in Britain with the King’s Royal Rifles, an artillery (sic) regiment famous for its past exploits, particularly in the American Wars. After preliminary training in Britain, the Fiji platoon of the KRRC was sent into action in the battlefields of Flanders. During May 1915, of the 43 strong Fiji platoon of the KRRC, 9 lost their lives and 31 were wounded in the battles of the Somme region.'Of the forty-three men who have served at the Front as members of the King’s Royal Rifle Corps, there are now ten left. Originally the Fiji men composed a whole platoon, now owing to their limited numbers, they form the main part of a section……'"